Friday, April 8, 2011



entry kali nie laen skit.. 
bosan la asyik cte psal diri sndri je...
kali nie kte buat test plak..
bnda nie copy paste je sbb tue dlm bahasa omputih..
cik ella pn xberapa nk pham tp buat2 pham je..
almklumla..spm dlu BI xberapa nk bguih tp LULUS la jgak..
korg try la sme ke x..ok..
slamat mncuba!!!

Pick your cake for your besday...

1. Angel food
2. Brownies
3. Lemon Meringue
4. Vanilla with Chocolate Icing
5. Strawberry Shortcake
6. Chocolate on Chocolate
7. Ice Cream
8. Carrot Cake

ok dh pilih kn..xleh tukar dh tau...
haaa..korg bce la ap yg die tulis kt bawah nie..
sme ke ngn korg??

1. Angel food ... Sweet, loving, cuddly. You love all warm and fuzzy items. A little nutty at times. Sometimes you need an ice cream cone! at the end of the day. Others perceive you as being child-like and immature at times.

2. Brownies.. You are adventurous, love new ideas, are a champion of underdogs and a slayer of dragons. When tempers flare up, you whip out your sabre. You're always the oddball with a unique sense of humor and direction.
You tend to be very loyal.

3. Lemon Meringue... Smooth, sexy, & articulate with your hands, you are an excellent after-dinner speaker and a good teacher. But don't try to walk and chew gum at the same time. A bit of a diva at times, but you have
many friends.

4. Vanilla with Chocolate Icing ... Fun-loving, sassy, humorous. Not very grounded in life, very indecisive and lack motivation. Everyone enjoys being around you, but you are a practical joker. Others should be cautious in making you mad, but you are a friend for life.

5. Strawberry Shortcake... Romantic, warm, loving. You care about other people! and can be counted on in a pinch. You tend to melt. You can be overly-emotional and annoying at times.

6. Chocolate on Chocolate ... Sexy, always ready to give and receive. Very creative, adventurous, ambitious, and passionate. You have a cold exterior but are warm on the inside. Not afraid to take chances. Will not settle for anything average in life. Loves to laugh.

7. Ice Cream... You like sports, whether it be baseball, football,basketball, or soccer. If you could, you would like to participate, but you enjoy watching sports. You don't like to give up the remote control. You tend to be self-centered and high maintenance.

8. Carrot Cake... You are a very fun loving person, who likes to laugh. You are fun to be with. People like to hang out with you. You are a very warm-hearted person and a little quirky at times. You have loyal friends

 cik ella ske kek coklat :)

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